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Ceramic made in india

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G.C Cera the branding heart

cutting-edge technology since 1996.

Since 1996, G.C Cera is spearheading the industry with its cutting-edge technology and outstanding design.

We are G.C Cera. We believe in creating world-class products which are made in India with an international touch. We have made a niche for ourselves for magnificent manufacturing and innovative design.

We have emerged as globally renowned manufacturers of stunning ceramic products for our outstanding infrastructure and technology, unprecedented designs and classy, novel products. It’s not so much about physical and material resources but it’s more about the vision and philosophy of delivering matchless products in a timely fashion to provide ultimate satisfaction to the clients.

The thrust on inimitable quality coupled with advanced technology has led us to scale new peaks year after year since the inception of G.C Cera in 1996. We produce proven products that have re-shaped the industry standards and propelled the industry forward.

We are particularly proud of our team at G.C Cera. Whether it’s R & D, manufacturing or customer service, our team is a cut above the rest and delivers the quality in time.

G.C Cera continues to push the frontiers of design and innovation for ceramic products made in India.

Core Values

People behind our success


We uphold quality as our guiding light and our unwavering motto. We strive to accomplish world-class quality using cutting-edge technology and manufacturing innovation.


We believe in delivering 100% client satisfaction. Hence, we have deployed service standards that match the world’s best companies. We deliver a delightful experience for our clients.


Innovation is the crux of our underlying vision and philosophy. We strive to harness out-of-the-box ideas to create offbeat and uncanny products that transcend the conventions of the industry and blaze a new trail.


G.C Cera has harnessed the power of path-breaking design. We have made it a habit to deliver disruptive design that breaks the mould and gives rise to novel products.


G.C Cera’s production plants and facilities rank with the best in the world. We have put in place state-of-the-art infrastructure and the latest technology to take our production plants to the new level of sophistication.

Our Certificates

Our Vision & Mission

We are driven by a quest for perfection in whatever we do. We aspire to raise the bar and elevate quality standards of ceramic products in the industry. We intend to design and deliver truly pioneering products that cater to the customized needs of our diverse clientele.

  • Design innovative products that match and exceed global benchmarks.
  • Create service process and protocol that creates delightful customer experience.
  • Cater to growing clientele at the global level with ultimate satisfaction.